A Tuesday Epiphany

I learnt something very important a few days back…

I learnt that it doesn’t matter who you are; it doesn’t matter how nice, fair,decent or cultured you are. If you misrepresent how deep your pockets are; intentionally or otherwise, the world is going to resent you.

What I want to figure out is if we as a race cannot forgive dishonesty or if we place too much value on wealth.

If we cannot forgive dishonesty, why do we love pretty magic tricks and encourage children to believe in the tooth fairy and talking bears? Why do we watch movies where people never look like rabid animals when they brush their teeth, where the good guy always manages to save the day just in time, where everyone looks good while they are sleeping.
Corsets, push up bras, fair judicial systems, honest police, artificial colouring, polyester, governments that safeguard citizen’s rights. auto-tune, rhinoplasty.

Yes…we all love our lies.

If we place too much importance on wealth, what exactly is this wealth getting us?
A world in which entrepreneurs  are idolised and like a friend said “buying a pair  of gorgeous shoes gives people the same high they’d get feeding a hungry child”; where the nameless, faceless street children beg for water on scorching summer days and watch you while you walk out of  the local fast food place with the biggest, happiest meal and a diet soda.
A world where the education system “aims at shaping the behaviour of students in a desirable way and bringing about an all-round development in their personality in a way that benefits the society.”
Where a “good wholesome life” is one  where you slave at a soul sucking 9-5 which lets you earn enough money to buy your own car by the time you’re 25 and enable you to afford the down payment for a pretty house a couple of years later. Where pointless wars are waged for reasons no one seems to remember because it’ s easier that way. Where rich people shake their heads at the state of affairs over their cups of Ethiopian coffee every morning while the poor scream, bleed and burn.
We burn our souls and everything our world stood for, turn a blind eye to everything that is wrong, everything that needs to change just so that we can live the sort of life where we can comfortably retire by the time we are 40.

Misguided people of the world,
Don’t you see? There will be no beautiful island left to run away to after you retire or beautiful people to have holiday romances with. Do you really need to watch the world burn before you realise what you should have done all along is resent your precious lies.


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