Sanity Holidays.

I gave myself a sanity holiday today.

Those are important because how long can you do the same thing over and over and over again? Classes start at a particular time, the break between the second and third class is long enough for me to go running to the nearest coffee shop to satisfy my daily caffeine fix. I have to sit through a few more classes before I can go get lunch (which is usually just an excuse to go smoke cigarettes near to the Gateway.) Then a few more classes after that and I get down the same elevator, walk to the closest bus stop, get on the same bus I get on everyday to get home.

Don’t get me wrong, I have adventurous days too. Some days I walk down the 9 flights of stairs while smirking at the rickety elevator and then take a taxi home. Sometimes I say “screw going home just yet”, so I go to the shady pub right behind the college and I have a couple of gin and tonics while I read Hemingway  (Who cares if all the other patrons there think I’m being pretentious or well… bat-shit crazy.)
But as devastatingly exciting as my life may be, I fear I may go crazy if I don’t take the occasional day off which I have deemed as my “sanity holidays” and like I said, today was one such day.

What I did today was a lot of blissful nothing. Woke up late, ate lunch then decided I was still hungry and ate breakfast food. I drank coffee that wasn’t totally rubbish (In fact, it was quite good.) and I coloured my hair for the very first time today. (Fun!)
I was thinking how “sanity holidays” should be made mandatory, but I’m sure some genius came up with that idea long back. He was smart enough to make sure we got two and look what we’ve gone and done to our weekends.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is that even though the last thing we need is another Saturday or a Sunday,  I think it’s still very important for people who are reading a book on a Monday night or who wake up on  Thursday morning or are on their way to work on a Friday  to say ” You know what, bugger that!  I’m taking a Sanity Holiday today.”


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