Snow Angel

Today, I thought of you
and me
and everyone else.
People I have met
and haven’t
and never will.
Chasing after you isn’t escape,
though what I want is just that.
but don’t we make our own?
and I’m tired of getting mine to match theirs
when they are all
and nameless.
trying to live when all that they are is
and bone.
In this room where I think of you  now;
you’re like the dull afternoon light of today that’s making my curtains shimmer,
and as I try not to panic
thinking that this bed will swallow me along with all my dreams
and doubts.
All I can pray for,
(but who do I pray to when I drowned all my Gods all those years ago.)
is that this dull afternoon light
that seems like a lifeline,
is like the snow I’m waiting for;
that I’m wishing to life,
that will fall on your face when you look up at the gray skies
and even though we are under
a different sky
and a different moon,
trapped by the faceless and nameless coiled around us
(like ropes
and ivy,
and snakes.)
This winter, like all winters
will be ours
when it snows.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. The Priestess of Q
    Nov 19, 2012 @ 12:44:01



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