One of the Many

Someone who is happy , or constantly aiming to be. Someone who sees more good things in the word than the bad, but, who sees enough of the bad to be involved in making a change.

Someone who loves life and people  and is fascinated by the different types of people that exist in the world.

Someone who loves travel and has a job that lets them. I want to live my life constantly travelling and exploring the world and everything it has to offer. I don’t think I can live a life that doesn’t involve a lot of travel, so I would love if whoever I was with needed to travel as well.

Someone who doesn’t care about money; who understands how and why and to what extent it’s pursuit is important, but in the end, someone who doesn’t chase after it like it’s a life goal.

Someone who loves their work/job and doesn’t look at it a as means to an end. I want to be with someone who is happy doing what they do and is proud of it.

Someone whose job actively involves making a positive difference to the world or helping bring change to people’s lives. I want to be with someone who cares about  more than just themself or us.

Someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind. Ever. But someone who would respect opinions that were different from theirs.

Someone who is always looking to learn or experience or do something new.

Someone who is comfortable with change and understands that the only constant thing in this world is change and isn’t scared of that.

Someone who has a strong idea of who they are and what they want and who spends time trying to evolve into who they want to be.

Someone who is patient and can remain calm during the times I most definitely can’t.

Someone who understands that we will always be two very different people trying to make it work and that involves a lot of compromise, but, someone who is willing to make compromises as well and doesn’t expect me to be the only person making them.

Someone who encourages me to be my best, to try my best and who would not be scared away by my constantly shifting moods.

Someone who understands that what I want them to be like when we’re having sex and what I need them to be like at all other times are two very different things. Someone who isn’t violent.

Someone who respects people, me and themselves.

Someone who understands that even though I try, I will not always look beautiful and therefore will be tolerant of the messy hair and giant Hello Kitty shirts.

Someone who will want to get married to me when they are certain that I am their forever.

Someone who would eventually want children and is open to the idea of adopting them as well.

Someone who believes spending money on a grand wedding ceremony and a honeymoon is an absolute waste and instead, would love to spend it on doing something good for the community and investing what is left over in a house we will eventually buy.

Someone who loves their family and is capable of loving mine; who respects their family and is capable of respecting mine.

Someone who will believe that looking after a house and a family is something we both do together and won’t leave me to be the only person cooking, cleaning and trying to run a house.

Someone who would enjoy going out for plays and movies and concerts with me  and would enjoy staying at home and spending time together just as much as well.

Someone who has hobbies and things that are important to them and a social circle outside of mine.

Someone who has an identity of their own and respects that I have mine as well.  We will be more than just the other’s “significant other” in our lives.

Someone who loves me, who is willing to spend their life getting to know me and who they are and who I am and someone who thinks I am beautiful, that my mind and my thoughts are beautiful and someone I feel the same way about. I want us to be attracted to who we are- physically, emotionally and mentally.

Someone who isn’t perfect or aiming for perfection and I don’t want to be with someone who would want to look for perfection in me. I want to be with someone real and someone who thinks I am as well.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. vishalbheeroo
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 21:46:29

    Spot on Deeksha. Such a honest post and thumbs up for this one.superlove the honesty and the act of publicly owning up of who you are::)


  2. The Priestess of Q
    Apr 10, 2013 @ 21:55:36

    Wow. I wish I had half a clue as to who I hope to eventually be with. Nicely done, Mavey. 🙂


    • Mave
      Apr 27, 2013 @ 09:30:28

      Jade Chan!

      I was compelled to actually compile this list what with all the “shadi kar lo” rubbish I’m being forced to hear by seemingly *everyone*. I needed to make this to make sure I don’t settle for “easy” and instead work on picking “real”.


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