Dear Faustus,

When I was younger, stories of greed and complacence severely bored me. I couldn’t see the point of teaching a “moral” that was so easily understood, and, I thought, about facets of human nature easy to control.

You would probably laugh at me now old friend. Maybe, you’d be severely angry at my abysmal stupidity. Then again, I have always thought that you consider me to be a supremely dense human being.

I wish I had lied to myself lesser and I wish I had been harder on myself. I wish all of your wisdom rubbed off on me before you and I chose to disappear.

“Lives and people are so easily broken”, I wish I had understood that sooner.

I’m getting married. Maybe I will be happy. Maybe, someday, he will be too.

You are invited, by the way. The ‘Gaipuja’ will be a riot.


I miss you.



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